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Company Introduction

Silver Mountain Group is a China-focused Project Development and Fund Management company.

It is based on three fundamental believes: the first is China will continue to grow at a significant higher rate than the developed world, creating significant opportunities in many and disproportionate opportunities in some segments of the economy, while experiencing additional disruptions coming from aging population and a shift towards the private sector. The second is while large multi-national corporations are well established in China, for most European and US companies getting access to these opportunities and for China to benefit from their know-how continues to be very difficult, mostly, because the two cultures in practice do not easily connect, and the third is creating an effective connection to bring international companies into China does create a competitive advantage to explore the mentioned market opportunities.

The first vertical of the Silver Mountain Group is in health care. The Shanghai Artemed Hospital, as the first wholly foreign-owned hospital in China, is a JV with the German hospital group Artemed SE. A second hospital project in planning, Guangzhou Hospital Clinic de Barcelona International Hospital, is in cooperation with Hospital Clinic de Barcelona - the leading public hospital in Spain, and will be built in Guangzhou with support of the local government. Pantheon Zizhu Clinic, is already operational in Shanghai as well is the first general clinic with day-surgery-center under Silver Mountain's Pantheon brand.

The second vertical of Silver Mountain Group is the development of a new format of mixed industrial zones. In cooperation and partnership with Guangzhou Development District, Silver Mountain Group has launched the China-Europe Belt and Road Industry Fund, which focuses on supporting European high-tech companies setting up their China operations in Guangzhou Development District while encouraging domestic high growth companies to go abroad. Several high profile projects have already been secured.

Silver Mountain's approach to business building is based on establishing long-lasting partnerships with both international companies as well as with Chinese companies and agencies. We aspire to earn the trust of our partners and together create successful outcomes in an exciting albeit always surprising environment.

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