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Shanghai Artemed Hospital Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with GE Healthcare


Shanghai Artemed Hospital signed a strategic cooperation agreement with GE Medical Systems Trade & Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. The execution of this strategic cooperation agreement has a profound and significant impact on the development of the medical and health undertakings of both parties. Mr. Pu Yijia, the CEO of Shanghai Artemed Hospital, Mr. Liu Zhaozhou, the CFO of Shanghai Artemed Hospital, and Ms. Chen Yiqi, the General Manager of Private Healthcare Business Department attended the signing ceremony.

Shanghai Artemed Hospital is a wholly-foreign-owned comprehensive hospital that specializes in orthopedics in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. It was funded by Silver Mountain Capital Limited and Artemed SE. Phase I (200 beds) of the hospital, with orthopedics as the key specialty, also focuses on internal medicine, surgery, oncology, digestive endoscopy, etc. Additionally, the hospital is equipped with PET-MRI, an advanced medical imaging device. The establishment of Shanghai Artemed Hospital aims to introduce international advanced medical standards and world-class medical management experience. On the one hand, Chinese patients will get access to international medical services and treatment without leaving the country. On the other hand, the introduction of international training and technology enables medical professionals in China to learn and master world-leading technologies and better serve patients in the country.

GE Medical Systems Trade & Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. owned by GE Healthcare China, is a subsidiary of GE (China) Co., Ltd., the company provides innovative medical technologies and services that create a new era of medical care to around the world. GE Healthcare offers a wide range of expertise in medical imaging, information technology, diagnostics, monitoring, pharmaceutical research and development, biopharmaceutical manufacturing technology, outstanding operation and integrated solutions, enabling better services to people in the world at lower costs.

Shanghai Artemed Hospital and GE Healthcare entered into this strategic cooperation on their medical advantages and shared vision. GE has strong advantages in medical equipment, process re-engineering, technical training, academic exchange, management consultancy and medical information solutions. Extensive cooperation in medical devices, process optimization, management consulting, marketing, medical information systems, telemedicine, personnel education and training, and medical professional recommendation will be launched between GE Healthcare and Shanghai Artemed Hospital, to enhance brand credibility and patient satisfaction and to create an emerging medical institution that is modern, intelligent, patient-friendly and informative.



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