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China - Europe International Innovation Park

An industrial park development project collaborated between Silver Mountain Group (SMG) and Guangzhou Global Star Investment Limited (GS) - a firm wholly owned by the Guangzhou Development District (GDD) government, with estimated land area of 2,350 mu.

On Nov. 21, 2013, the NDRC & the European Commission signed the Joint Communique of the High - level Dialogue of EU - China Regional Policy Cooperation in Beijing, making GDD a pilot area of EU - China Regional Policy Cooperation.

SMG, with its extensive network resources and know-how, collaborated with GS to establish China - Europe International Innovation Park since July, 2017. The park aims to foster China-Europe cooperation by bringing in worldwide high-growth companies into the park to scale up in China while encouraging domestic companies to go abroad.

China - Europe International Innovation Park is located in Guangzhou Development District and has 5 key components:

Hi-tech Park: in collaboration with world class institution, the incubator of worldwide high growth companies that wish to settle in GDD. The park will facilitate the scale-up of such companies by providing comprehensive support in investment, financing, network of resources, management, legal and administrative procedures to set-up in China.

Healthcare: include a full cycle of the healthcare industry, from medical service to medical training and education, to bio-medicine manufacturing.

Education & Art & Sports: consists of research institutions, higher education institutions, culture and art center, international football club’s headquarter and youth club in China, etc.

Commercial: luxury hotels, theme park, shopping malls, supermarket, fine dinning, gym, cinemas etc.

Living: apply cutting-edge technology to build a green, smart, sharing community.


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