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China - Europe Belt and Road Industry Fund

The fund was established by Silver Mountain Group (SMG) and Guangzhou Global Star Investment Limited (GS) in 2017, under the Belt and Road Initiative unveiled by President Xi Jinping in 2013 and the designation of GDD as a pilot area of EU - China Regional Policy Cooperation. On July 12th 2017, the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement of China – Europe Belt and Road Industry Fund was signed in GDD among GDD, GS and Silver Mountain Group.

The fund consist of both RMB and USD funds. The RMB fund's total fund size is RMB 10 bn and the USD fund's total size is USD 1.5 bn. The fund manager of the RMB fund is Guangzhou Silver Mountain Global Star Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. , established by GS and Guangzhou Silver Mountain Equity Investment Limited, a 100% subsidiary of Silver Mountain Group.

China - Europe Belt and Road Industry Fund aims to invest in the development of China - Europe International Innovation Park and in high-growth companies across the globe, especially those that choose to settle at the Park, with business sectors in IT, AI, Cyber Securities, Biotech and Biomedicine, New Energy, New Material, and Financial Technology.


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